Alterac battle - done!

Long ago I spent much time in Alterac. Yes, I really love this BG. But now Alterac became boring.
Nobody does quests. Wolf riders, the big bosses - they all became history. My picture for those who still remembers the good old-fashioned Alterac.
Large Digital pictures are always a headache for me.
By the way, we have a terrible weather here. In this days is already must be blooms and leaves, but now it's cold, cloudy and snowing. Only coffee might help ...
Working with details. This is a dreary. On the other hand, you can turn off the brain.

I think I finished with a black and white version of these guys. Maybe, just correct the man's face.


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nielsdejong комментирует...

I'm liking the sketches so far :) It really comes to fruition :)

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