Angels & Demons

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Alterac battle - done!

Long ago I spent much time in Alterac. Yes, I really love this BG. But now Alterac became boring.
Nobody does quests. Wolf riders, the big bosses - they all became history. My picture for those who still remembers the good old-fashioned Alterac.
Large Digital pictures are always a headache for me.
By the way, we have a terrible weather here. In this days is already must be blooms and leaves, but now it's cold, cloudy and snowing. Only coffee might help ...
Working with details. This is a dreary. On the other hand, you can turn off the brain.

I think I finished with a black and white version of these guys. Maybe, just correct the man's face.


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Vladislav - done!

Yes, I know that I must start a commission for Vlad. But at the end of the week I have absolutely no idea. (He said - show his loneliness. And I drew the trivial sketch, in style: "I'll do my crying in the rain / And I'll do my piss in the shower - no one will ever see anyway"). The first idea is always the most banal. 
At the weekend we discussed the problem with Des and he found a solution. This will be a difficult work ... so JUST DO NOT RUSH ME =P
As proof that I have an idea, here's a beta version of the sketch =P
Who said that vampires represent Goth? I think that vampires - it is pure romanticism. Loneliness, feeling of detachment from the world, searching for a true taste of emotions, melancholy, searching for inner beauty ... and the slow withering of human origin. Vampire destined to become a beast. That is why the remnants of humanity, sensitivity, emotions, so dear to him.
I love the book by George Martin's "Fevre Dream". I think this is the best book about vampires. Firstly, because it was written by a male. That is why this book is not about gays or about the slobbery schoolgirls love (This shining corpse have no erection, my dear!).  
But back to our topic. Vladislav is a vampire, he's already more than 500 years old. But during this time he never got a clan. All his friends, his beloved, by chance was lost.
I wanted to portray the loneliness, not
desperation. Vladislav resolute and strong-willed vampire. =)
I would also like to convey some ideality and coldness that characterize the vampires. I hope he still looks like a male =P.
Yesterday I bought a set of Liners. It's time to test them in action.
First, simply fill all the colors. As you can see, it's pretty fast. True, the next step must be well thought ...
I'm not entirely sure ...

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Lilliana McClae - done!

This is a very interesting task. Firstly, because I also play text games. Secondly, because I play a witch too. But Jade (restrained and serious, always keep yourself under control) the exact opposite of this fiery woman. So I am very interested to portray Lilliana. And she also has a very unusual appearance.
I started with rough sketch. Without waiting for the customer comments I began to trace them. In the morning I received the customers Note. She asked me to correct the Lillian's waist. I'm always worried when I read the customer comments. But this time everything seems to be gone well.
upd.30.03 Need to work. I think to buy a new board game.

The most interesting thing to come.

I think I've done =)

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Я принимаю заказы!

Доброго времени суток!
Я наконец-то сподобилась составить прайс, и теперь вы можете заказать у меня рисунок.

Что я могу для вас нарисовать?
-          Я могу нарисовать вашего персонажа по описанию.
-         Я могу нарисовать вашего персонажа из игры (ВОВ, Ла...) по скриншоту и\или описанию.
-         Я могу нарисовать человека, животное, фантастическое создание и любое другое самое необычное порождение вашей фантазии.

Что я рисовать отказываюсь?
-         Я не рисую работы эротического содержания на заказ, не смотря на то, что меня об этом часто просят. Чтобы изобразить достоверный секс между двумя героями, мне нужно понять, принять и горячо их полюбить. В противном случае получится унылая порнография.
-          Я не берусь за сложную архитектуру и ландшафты. Основное направление моих работ - персонажи.
-          Я не рисую персонажей из аниме и в стиле аниме. Я не рисую "противных". Я не рисую нетрадиционные отношения (много воды утекло с тех пор... =Р). 

В каком стиле я рисую?
Побродите по моей галерее, ознакомьтесь. Основные направления таковы:
-         Digital art, painting and airbrushing - по-русски цифровая живопись (наверное);
-         Смешанный стиль. Рисую набросок от руки, потом его всячески оформляю на компьютере.
-         Традиционный рисунок\живопись. Вы должны понимать, что если вы хотите получить не только скан, но и оригинал, то могут возникнуть определенные сложности с почтовой доставкой.

В какой форме вы получите свой заказ?
-         Digital art. Я посылаю вам не оптимизированный, в максимальном разрешении .jpeg файл. Если хотите, еще и .psd исходник пришлю.
-         Традиционный рисунок\живопись. Пришлю скан, обработанный, с хорошим разрешением. Могу прислать оригинал по почте.
Вы можете высказывать свои пожелания по поводу формы доставки.

Порядок работы:
            Напишите мне Note на ДА, или сбросьте мне на mail свои пожелания. Чем больше деталей вы укажете, чем подробнее опишете то, что хотите получить в итоге - тем лучше.

Дополнительные условия:
            Я показываю вам рабочий набросок. На данном этапе вы можете один раз высказать свои пожелания\замечания или отказаться от заказа.

            На данный момент я принимаю только DA points. PayPal скоро будет. Для жителей России возможна оплата на Яндекс кошелек, Qiwi кошелек и прочее.
Цены могу быть изменены (я пока что плохо представляю, что сколько может стоить). Но если мы с вами уже договорились о цене, она не изменится в процессе.

Карандашный рисунок (и чуть-чуть цифрового оформления) (sample1; sample2): 5-7$
Карандашный рисунок со сложным цифровым оформлением (sample1; sample2): 7-9$
Цифровой рисунок (одна фигура) (sample1; sample2): 8-10$
Цифровой рисунок (две фигуры и больше) (sample1; sample2): 9-12$
Цифровая живопись (портрет, одна фигура)
                       простые задачи (sample1; sample2): 10-15$
                       сложные задачи, много фигур (sample1sample2): цена договорная
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I’m taking commissions!

Good day!
I am pleased to inform you that from this day I’m taking commissions! I’ve decided to make a price-list.

What can I draw for you?
-          I can draw your OC (Original Character) from your description.
-         I can draw your hero from video game (La2, WoW…) by screenshot and/or your description.
-         I can draw a man, animal, fantastic creature or another character/characters.

What kinds of commissions I don’t take?
-         I don’t draw erotic pictures. I am often asked to draw characters from Wow, having hot sex, but I'm not interested in this subject.
-          I don’t draw pictures with difficult architecture and landscapes. My main direction is characters.
-          I don’t draw anime-characters and man who look like a woman. I am not interested in unconventional relationships.

What is the style I paint?
You can have a look at my gallery to understand what I can. My main areas are:
-         Digital art, painting and airbrushing;
-         Mixed style: I draw a sketch by hand and then finish it on computer.
-         Traditional art. You must understand that if you want to get the original work, we might have a problem with this. Russian mail delivery is working badly.

In what form do I sent your picture?
-         Digital art, painting and airbrushing. I send a not optimized .jpeg file in maximum quality and full resolution. I can send you a .psd file(work with layers) too.
-         Traditional art. I send you a scan of picture or use the postal delivery to send you the original.
You can express your wishes and requirements for form of work.

Work order:
            You should write me a Note on DA, or mail with your wishes. You must describe your commission as detailed as possible.

Additional Terms
            I'll show you a one working sketch. And you can say your remarks once only or cancel commission.

            At the moment I only accept DA points. PayPal will be soon.
Prices may be adjusted (I have little experience in comissions). But if we agreed with you at one price, it will not change in the process.

Pencil drawing (with a small digital decoration) (sample1; sample2): 5-7$
Pencil drawing with digital design (sample1; sample2): 7-9$
Digital drawing (one figure) (sample1; sample2): 8-10$
Digital drawing (two and more figures) (sample1; sample2): 9-12$
Digital painting (portraite, one figure)
                       simple tasks (sample1; sample2): 10-15$
                       hard tasks, two and more figures (sample1sample2): contract price
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