I’m taking commissions!

Good day!
I am pleased to inform you that from this day I’m taking commissions! I’ve decided to make a price-list.

What can I draw for you?
-          I can draw your OC (Original Character) from your description.
-         I can draw your hero from video game (La2, WoW…) by screenshot and/or your description.
-         I can draw a man, animal, fantastic creature or another character/characters.

What kinds of commissions I don’t take?
-         I don’t draw erotic pictures. I am often asked to draw characters from Wow, having hot sex, but I'm not interested in this subject.
-          I don’t draw pictures with difficult architecture and landscapes. My main direction is characters.
-          I don’t draw anime-characters and man who look like a woman. I am not interested in unconventional relationships.

What is the style I paint?
You can have a look at my gallery to understand what I can. My main areas are:
-         Digital art, painting and airbrushing;
-         Mixed style: I draw a sketch by hand and then finish it on computer.
-         Traditional art. You must understand that if you want to get the original work, we might have a problem with this. Russian mail delivery is working badly.

In what form do I sent your picture?
-         Digital art, painting and airbrushing. I send a not optimized .jpeg file in maximum quality and full resolution. I can send you a .psd file(work with layers) too.
-         Traditional art. I send you a scan of picture or use the postal delivery to send you the original.
You can express your wishes and requirements for form of work.

Work order:
            You should write me a Note on DA, or mail with your wishes. You must describe your commission as detailed as possible.

Additional Terms
            I'll show you a one working sketch. And you can say your remarks once only or cancel commission.

            At the moment I only accept DA points. PayPal will be soon.
Prices may be adjusted (I have little experience in comissions). But if we agreed with you at one price, it will not change in the process.

Pencil drawing (with a small digital decoration) (sample1; sample2): 5-7$
Pencil drawing with digital design (sample1; sample2): 7-9$
Digital drawing (one figure) (sample1; sample2): 8-10$
Digital drawing (two and more figures) (sample1; sample2): 9-12$
Digital painting (portraite, one figure)
                       simple tasks (sample1; sample2): 10-15$
                       hard tasks, two and more figures (sample1sample2): contract price

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